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About & FAQ


The Modern Testament's mission is to use online community and story to connect everyone to God's grace.

Some people can be put off by that; either they have no interest in faith, have had bad experiences with Christianity specifically, or are leery of explicit truth online. We get it. However, The Modern Testament is meant to show believer and skeptic alike that REAL Christianity is about one single thing: that God's appointed Son was sacrificed so that we may be reconnected to Him.

Studies are showing social media usage worsens depression, sleep quality, and divorce rates. How can the largest community in the world be so negative?

Because it's all fake. Photo filters, fake news, catfishing and fake friends. Your true self is buried by imaginary comparisons or lurking online trolls.

That's why we welcome people of ALL walks of life--we are all made in God's image. No matter your race, gender, sexuality, demographics, or life choices, we genuinely welcome you here. Christians are not called to judge others--intolerance is intolerable. We expect the authentic stories of life and faith at The Modern Testament will reveal powerful common threads throughout all our human experiences--even the bad ones.

The Modern Testament community loves you--sin and all. This whole idea was born after years of selfishness and terrible choices nearly tore the founders' family apart. Instead of hiding in the shame, we discovered incredible freedom with incredible honesty. Shame's power lives in shadows--bring it to light, and it loses its grip on you. So, if you're expecting to read the stereotypical stories of flowery words and heavenly cliches, you will be shockingly disappointed. This is the real human experience. This is the nitty gritty side of Christianity. This is the ongoing story of God's work in us and grace for us.

This is The Modern Testament.


What can I do at The Modern Testament (TMT)?

There are 2 primary focuses: publishing your story and finding community. "My Book" is where you can journal your life's story, post inspiring sermons and messages, or update people on your missional work. "Community" is where you can stay in touch with the entire TMT community (within privacy filters), see how other people are being inspired through the Bible, and find online or real-world community groups to join to grow personally and spiritually.

How is TMT different than other social platforms?

The biggest thing: NO COMMENT SECTIONS. Users can only send encouraging "ripples" (our version of a "like"). Any direct communication is restricted to moderated groups. However, we are different in other ways: we encourage long form writing, the Christian bible is integrated in stories, we have visual indicators of your ripples, and many more cool features.

I'm not a good writer--why should I join?

The Christian Bible was written by mostly uneducated men who primarily herded sheep or fished for a living THOUSANDS of years ago...I'm sure your writing is at least comparable to that. Even still, you are welcome to join, post small status updates and join in the praises and prayer requests of the whole community.

I don't have an "interesting" story--what should I write about?

Don't feel like you need a dramatic story to be worth writing; there are thousands of people who have lived similar journies to yours and your life lessons can impact many of them. This isn't a pulitzer competition, this is about your life--the only one you've had. Your story matters to God and it matters to all of us; tell it!

I am uncomfortable sharing parts of my life/story, what should I do?

First, we encourage you to set your privacy restrictions in your Account page. Use the demographic switches to restrict your audience. The logic is AND (for example, I can restrict my story only to users who are male AND over 20 AND in my groups). Also, we encourage you to journal your story, and only "publish" when you're ready. Simply saving your story does not make it available to TMT users to read.

Does it cost money to join TMT?

Individual users are completely free. Organizations hosting their programming and connect with users through groups are charged a monthly subscription.

What can Organizations do?

We were frustrated about the inability to find the programming we needed without randomly visiting churches, randomly googling, or relying on word of mouth. So, we structured TMT Organizations to host "Groups" as an easy outreach method to directly connect to users who need them. Those groups can be searched and found by users and also have community chat communication to get people acquainted and keep everyone organized. Strengthen your community while growing your community.