Tell Your Story on Your Terms.

God is Not Done

Write your part in God's story.

Come and see what social journaling is. Share your stories, discover more people with common backgrounds, and support each other as we grow through life and faith. 


Get Real. Be Inspired. Find Community.


Tell Your Story

Journal your Life, Missions, Sermons, poems or more in your "Book". Post Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thoughts to share life authentically.


See Your Impact

Readers can send encouraging "Ripples" (likes) to your posts and Chapters--no trolling comment sections. See your story's ripple effect.


Read and Quote

Read the Christian Bible and insert its verses into your "Book". Discover powerful stories from other users by the verses they choose. 


Find True Community

Search groups to filter your story to fellow members, have threaded discussions, and reduce your time hunting for authentic community.

Your Story Matters

Share your journey through endless chapters. Tag your chapters to help inspire other readers searching for common topics. Get a visual impression of the impact of your story through ripple pins on each Chapter's impact map.

Engage with New Community

As organizations host groups, users can find them through search filters like location, age ranges, gender and more. Organizations like churches will be connected more directly to the community that needs them, and people will have both an online place to engage each other through messaging as well as the ability to live real life with each other, beyond the computer screen.

Experience the Bible in a New Way

Click through your favorite biblical verses to discover who else has been inspired by it and link directly to their Book. As users insert Biblical verses into their own book, we will all begin to see the thread of faith throughout our community and discover how God is speaking to all of us.

Modern Testament Screencaps

Inspired after personal trials led to a powerful revelation; When people are open and broken with each other, people can be transformed through story and community.


Frustrated by the vanity of social media, we imagined the Internet could be a powerful force for good if someone were brave enough to encourage and support online honesty. Are you brave enough to join us?